Cattle Mat

Cattle Mat has been used for heavy livestock transport for 20 years.
This durable mat provides stability and grip helping to keep your livestock standing. It is easy to clean and extremely hardwearing.
the ideal solution for livestock transport. 

Mat Size: 1830mm x 1220mm x 20mm

Horse Float and Truck Matting

Our Hourse float and truck matting is second to none...The sharp texture of the mat gives superior grip under hoof, a heavy duty layer of reinforcemenet in the middle of the mat ensures no distortion of stretching. This mat can be used for livestock, horses and general freight. 

Avaialable in 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, and 12mm thichness x 2000mm width @ 12Mtr Roll - Also available by the lineal metre

Variegated Mat

The variegated mat is ideal for horse and heavy horse transport

The cusioning and texture are second to none for heavy livestock

Mat Size: 1830mm x 1220mm 18mm

Tread Hex Mat

The tread hex mat is most suited to medium and light livestock such as pigs etc, extremely hardwearing.
The diamond pattern provides fantastic grip on both floor and ramp. The mat is easily cleaned with hose pressure.

Mat Size: 1830mm x 1220mm x 12mm